I said yes!

In 6 days I am coming up on my one year wedding anniversary. I have been sitting around while Penelope naps, reminiscing on this year and how we got here. So, I decided I would share my engagement story with ya’ll! I mean, obviously I think it’s the cutest, so I hope that you do too.

The summer of 2015 I was on vacation from my second year teaching Kindergarten. Whew, it was a doozy and I was ready to relax. We planned a cross country-type road trip to Yellowstone from Texas.. yeah. We went through Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and probably some other places that I’m not remembering.

Once we got to Utah, Chris suggested we stay in Monument Valley. Seriously, this place is beautiful. I was in awe. If you haven’t been, go.

The next morning he’s up early trying to get us to go out to explore. I’m pretty annoyed because we had just driven like, ten hours the day before and I truly just wanted to lay in bed and watch some Lifetime. I finally got up and assisted him in some picture taking (my husband graduated from the Art Institute with a film degree and I am constantly being the assistant). I was sitting in the car being a brat while he was taking pictures of these wild horses in this beautiful setting when he called me to bring him another lens. This “lens” was in a super weird box but who am I to question the master?? So I bring it and when I get over to him he’s on one knee!!! With horses!! And mountains!!!

You guys, it was magical.

Check back to see our wedding photos!

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