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Live wild, be free

My baby is a nature baby. At least, I want her to be. I believe so much that exposing children to nature is so conducive to their development. When children see how the natural world works, it influences their own reactions in a more simple, intuitive way.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to expose Penelope to so many different animals and she is learning to be so gentle already! She is always so in awe of the horses and it’s magical to see how interested and sweet they are around her.

I always dreamed that my daughter would grow up the same way that I did, loving and appreciating the world around her. I hope that I am doing a good job by teaching through example. We try to enjoy the simple things in life, like exploring the eggs that our chickens give us and sitting in wildflower patches that we find around the ranch.

Children really do thrive on being outdoors and they are able to learn through all of their senses at the same time. When I was teaching, I would incorporate outdoor learning into so many of my lessons. I would notice how much more meaningful the learning was for my students when it was through play and exploration. I hope to always slow down and notice the small things that the earth provides us.

Happy exploring!

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