Penelope’s nursery

I feel so excited to finally feel that this space is finished enough to share. I shared one picture on Instagram and I felt so proud that Penelope is in a room that is finished and, in my opinion, BEAUTIFUL.

When I went into labor early the first thought that came to mind was, omg her room. This is embarrassing but we had our baby chicks in there while I was in the hospital 🙈. So, yeah, we weren’t ready. Luckily, newborns don’t really need a nursery in the beginning, especially if they’re breastfeeding. Penelope slept in a bassinet in our room for the first six months. In that six months I had tons of projects and dreams that I was going to watch come to fruition, however, life with a new baby is totally different than before-baby life. Needless to say, things moved slower than I wanted. BUT maybe it was supposed to be that way? Having so much time to reflect on the next item or picture makes me feel like I won’t get antsy and try to change things around.


Now we live an old house so we have super small closets. There’s still a lot I want to do to organize this space better but it here’s where we’re at.

This room is so magical to me. If I could decorate my house without my husband dying, my whole home would be floral and pink with hints of unicorn. I love sitting in there with Penny and she loves being in there too, which is all I can hope and ask for.

Below I tagged some of the items!! The crib was mine 🤗 27 years ago!

Crib sheets
Flower quilt
Pink rocking chair
Unicorn wall mount
Unicorn lamp
I hope she feels safe and inspired in years to come in this room.

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