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One Year of Marriage

It’s my husband and I’s one year wedding anniversary tomorrow and I am feeling so nostalgic. I’ve been looking at my wedding pictures all week remembering what a magical day it was.

We got married in my parents beautiful backyard and our florist absolutely transformed it into a magical, forest wonderland. I have always dreamed of getting married in the forest. When my parents were looking at this house during their house hunt, I told them if they bought it I was going to get married there!

A little about my husband and I:

  • We were together six years before he proposed!! We got together when I was nineteen and have been through quite a bit already. I know we will be together forever.
  • My husband proposed to me in the most magical way. See my earlier post for the story here: Our proposal story
  • The day after I purchased my wedding dress, my husband bought me a pregnancy test because I had been feeling sick and it was positive 😮
  • My husband is from Montana and loves animals and nature. We grew up in similar households and were raised with many of the same values. I think that this is a great foundation for a marriage to be built upon. 

The morning before:

The day of my wedding I was SO nervous. I actually really don’t like being the center of attention and my parents suggested that we elope for this reason 🙈. Looking back, I wish that I had relaxed and enjoyed each and every moment to the fullest instead of being nervous. As I was getting ready I was trying to stay as busy as I could so I wouldn’t think about everything!! I reapplied my makeup so many times!

My dress:

I LOVED my dress! This was the dress that I bought before I ever knew I was pregnant. One day to be exact. When I called the bridal boutique to tell them I was pregnant they were able to change my order and we just guessed what size I MIGHT be by my wedding. It was so stressful. When my dress finally came it we decided not to do my fittings until two weeks before the wedding since baby bellies grow so much, especially towards the end. I had quite a bit of trouble with my seamstress because she didn’t understand that I actually wanted to accentuate my belly instead of hiding, I was proud of my body and the miracle I was creating. She actually ended up taking it in twice because the first time wasn’t tight enough 😂

The ceremony:

Our ceremony was very intimate, we only invited family to the actual ceremony. Our reception included friends and family, some that traveled from all parts of the United States. We were so thankful to be able to spend the day with people that are so special to us.

The food and cake :

We had a Mexican food buffet because it’s our favorite food ever and I’m so glad we did because I was pregnant and starving!! We also had a dessert buffet. It was so pretty and offered everyone different options instead of just cake. It was also really fun to taste and choose which desserts we would offer. We ended up choosing macaroons, creme brûlée cups, smore cups, and mini blueberry pies.

Our DJ was wonderful and organized our playlist seamlessly with the timeline of the day. I highly recommend working closely with your DJ is you’re going to have a personalized playlist at your wedding. The music definitely set the tone of the evening and I loved watching our different guests dance to which songs moved them. In case you were wondering, our wedding party walked out to an instrumental version of Going to California and I walked down the aisle to Thank You, both by Led Zeppelin. Our first dance was to Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones.

It was SUCH a great day and I would do it all again!!! Except maybe not pregnant because I was really tired by the end of the night, but I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Four weeks later our sweet Penelope was born, five weeks early!!

For those of you about to get married, my advice is to enjoy every minute. Take in each moment of the day and realize how fleeting and special it is. The memories are precious and you want to be present for each of them.

What advice would you give to newly engaged couples?

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