Awesome toys for an (almost) one year old! 

Baby toys. Our house is overflowing with them even though we try to live a simplified life. When I became a mom, I knew that I wanted to encourage imaginative play as early as possible. In the world that we live in, imagination is sort of becoming a thing of the past. My husband and I decided that we wanted to limit Penny’s exposure to technology, especially in the beginning. I mean, we’re not weirdos, obviously she will be exposed to it. But, there was life before technology, and there are so many life lessons that can be taught through imagination, rather than the entertainment being sort of “ready made”.
So, I started researching non-electronic toys, especially wooden toys. These are the ones that I have fallen in love with and Penny loves them too 😍

Melissa and Doug rainbow stacker

Actually, like, Melissa and Doug everything!! Their toys are so cute and simple and classic. Penny loves this toy!! Right now, all she really wants to do is knock it down, but it will be great for small motor skills in the future.

Rainbow stacker

Manhatten Toy baby beads

These are so cute and colorful! Penny has played with these since she was a newborn and she still loves them. They’re all attached on elastic so they can be manipulated but not roll around all over the place.
Baby beads

Hallmark Itty Bittys

Penny has the rainbow bright pony, duh. All of these are so cute though! They fit perfectly in baby hands and are easy to wash. This has been Penny’s favorite stuffed animal since Christmas, and that’s really saying something cause she has a ton!!

Pony Itty Bitty

Jellycat Board Books

Oh Jellycat, what would I do without you! Jellycat has the cutest books and cutest stuffed animals. Penny LOVES books, I think more than any other toys. This one has always, always been her favorite. It has the different textures that she can touch and it’s about kitties so of course she loves it.

If I were a kitty

Kathy Kruse rainbow baby teether

All of their things are super cute but Penny loves this teether. The ring is made of beech wood and you can even remove it to clean! And look at how cute that little face is!

Rainbow baby teether

Maileg Angel Girl Rosie

Okay, this is actually MY favorite out of all of Penny’s toys but she does sleep with it every night. This whole brand is adorable and we have some other items too, but this one is so beautiful!

Angel doll

Here they are our! Penelope (and my) favorite toys. I feel that each of them encourages creativity and imagination, which childhood is all about! 

What are some of your babe’s faves right now?

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