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What’s in our diaper bag

I am always so curious about what is in other people’s diaper bags. These are magical bags that are now attached to us at all times so we are always prepared for the “what if”. So, what if I’m forgetting something?? I feel like every mom should be obligated to provide a “what’s in my diaper bag” list to help out other new mamas!! Hopefully this list will help some other moms who, like me, are always wondering if we’re missing anything in our own diaper bags!

First of all, the bag

I wanted a bag that I loved and that was beautiful since it would essentially become my purse. This is blush linen with rose gold hardware. It is magical! It also comes with lots of different compartments and a matching changing pad is included. It comes with a longer strap but I took it off because the handles are long enough to fit over my shoulder. You can find it here.


Snacks are first and foremost! We always, always need snacks in the bag if I want to get anything done without Penny fussing while we’re out. Give the girl something to munch on and she’s good to go. Lately, she’s been loving graham crackers and seaweed. The seaweed packs that we buy are kind of bulky so I usually transfer some into a ziplock before we head out. Check back soon to see a whole post on Penny’s meals and snacks centered around whole foods. 

When Penny isn’t snacking she’s holding onto these toys. Babies need their own entertainment in our big world!!

This kitty rattle is so cute and looks just like our kitty!! We got it at IKEA surprisingly and she loves it.

We are having some serious teething issues. All four top teeth are coming in right now. I swap out different teethers because after awhile she gets over them. This Sophie teether has enough give and different textures. Penny really likes it right now.

Diapers etc.

Obviously, we keep diapers in the diaper bag. I also use these cute travel size wipes. I keep a change of clothes in the diaper bag too, which luckily I’ve never had to use. It’s nice to have leggings in there in case it’s chilly where we are. I can just slip them over a onesie when we don’t have a blanket with us.

When I do bring blankets, I always use muslin swaddles because they’re lightweight but are big enough to fold up and add layers for warmth! You can get the brand that we use here.

Bibs! Okay, it took me so long to remember and just pack bibs!! I would create them out of napkins or blankets to save whatever cute outfit Penny was wearing. Once I finally packed them, they have been a lifesaver. If you want the cutest bib ever here it is, mermaid bib.

Even with a bib on, ya girl is gonna get messy. We use Dreft for Penny’s laundry and I always keep this travel stain remover in the bag. It’s nice to pre-treat any stains so that they’re more likely to come out in the wash.

Baby/mom cream. Babies always seem to have dry patches. Or at least my baby? This is really gentle and has ingredients that I don’t mind using on Penny. I also use it because wipes and breastfeeding and whatever else dries my hands out.

Mom stuff

I keep my own things for my sanity in here too. I always have something to put my hair back because even on days I fix it, it usually ends up going up. I keep some sort of lipstick when I’m needing a pick-me-up or going somewhere that I should look cute. I also keep Headache Magic, which you can get here. It is natural, it works and if you have a baby, you get headaches.

I also usually keep a smaller clutch that I can use to run into places when I don’t want to lug around my diaper bag. This cutie one came with a matching coin purse which Penny has now taken over so we can match ūüėć Target still has them: Iridescent clutch.

So, there ya go!! I try to clean it out as often as possible and keep things organized so that they’re easy to get to. Depending on what stage Penny is in, I will add to or take away from this list. It really is a magic bag though.

What is your can’t-live-without item in your diaper bag?

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