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Penelope snacks! 

My baby loves to eat. And she eats good! As in, good-for-you foods! My husband and I have always tried to eat as clean as our schedule allows and we incorporate a lot of whole foods with very little meat. Once I had Penelope, I knew that I wanted to expose her to all the yummy, natural flavors that nature has to offer! 

This list is mainly Penny’s snacks and are super easy things to make or already have on hand for your baby! I am often asked if it was/is hard to get the baby to eat healthy, and the answer is no! We really haven’t offered other options so this is all she has known. Of course, she has her likes and dislikes and I work around that but for the most part she is a really great eater. 

The girl loves her avocados. I have been giving her avocado since she was really young because it’s a great starter food for babies. They are sooo good for you! We keep avocado in the house all of the time. It offers monounsaturated fatty acids and healthy fats. Avocados also have more potassiaum than bananas! Which is great, because Penny hates bananas 😃

Penny loves to lick hummus off of whatever I put it on. It’s a good way to have her eat some vegetables when I dip carrots in it. Chickpeas (the base of hummus) are high in folate, protein  and dietary fiber. It’s also super easy to make your own!! When I make my own I include a lot of olive oil because Penny is a tiny one and I try to expose her to a lot of healthy fats. 

I honestly never ate sweet potatoes until I had Penny. She loved the sweet potato purée so I knew I wanted to keep it in her diet once she started eating “real” food. I looked up dinner recipes that include sweet potatoes so that I’m only making one meal for all of us at dinner and we eat an awesome quinoa, black bean, sweet potato bowl. They’re super easy to make! You just roast them in the oven. Once again, SO good for you. 

I am so obsessed with chia seeds. I put them in my smoothies and yogurt and once Penelope started eating yogurt I researched whether I could add them to hers too. The answer is yes, of course talk to your pediatrician first! They are unprocessed and have protein and fiber. They also have antioxidants and omega three fatty acids. Since Penny doesn’t eat fish yet, this a good way for her to get her omegas. 

These are the favs right now. Graham crackers go everywhere with us. She eats them at the grocery store and when we have to spend a lot of time in the car. They also don’t make too much of a mess! Frozen peas have been a life saver while Penny has been cutting her top teeth 😬 and duh, also good for her! 

Now of course, we give her the occasional treats. When I can, I try to bake so that I at least know exactly what ingredients she’s eating 

So this a pretty short list, but they are really what we are rotating through most days lately. I’ll do another post with a closer look into our meals soon!! What does your baby like to snack on? Do you try to offer fruits and veggies? 

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