Unicorn birthday party! 

Guys, my baby just turned one. And I have officially thrown my first birthday party! Omg it was stressful, but it turned out exactly how I hoped that it would. I am so appreciative of all the love Penelope received over the weekend to celebrate her year of life!! 

Penelope’s nursery is unicorn themed, so I decided to carry that over for her first party. I even made a unicorn cake! I’ve never made a cake before 😂 we had unicorn juice, sparkly cupcakes, and unicorn popcorn too. It was simply magical. 

We had a photo booth and played a little unicorn name game!! I found this cute unicorn name decoder on Pinterest and put name tags on all the tables so people could wear their names during the party. 

I’ve linked the photo booth items and name tags at the very bottom! 

The cake

Okay, if you are not a baker, this is not easy. I am not a baker. I used a cake mix because I was not about to also worry about how it would taste. I ended up using two boxes poured into four, 9-inch cake pans. The layers came out about an inch thick, which I was worried would be too thin but after icing in between each layer it was fine! I used squeeze gel color from Sunny Side Up Bakery to customize each cake layer with our party colors. 

I also used these gel colors to color my icing! The outside is royal icing and I used a smoother and a cake spinner to get it nice and smooth. 

I then piped the icing mane and used edible markers for the eyes. I used store-bought cream cheese frosting, but mixed in powdered sugar so the mane would be stiff and wouldn’t melt. The horn and ears are made out of fondant and colored with the same gel colors. It was hard. I’m not gonna lie, but oh so satisfying to say I made her cake. That’s the last time though 😂

I think she had a great time! 

We got so much of our bday stuff from amazon!!! All of the balloons and even one of penny’s outfits!! I’ve linked some of the items below:

Photo booth backdrop
Photo booth props
Weird unicorn mask
Penny’s beautiful party dress
Penny’s cake eating outfit
Name tags

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet girl, what an ADORABLE party!! Great job, Mama! My little guy will be turning 1 at the end of the summer and I am just starting the planning now! Thanks for sharing this fun post <3


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