Beach babe tips

Beach with a baby. That’s where we’ve been for a week. And while the thought of the beach sounded to nice and relaxing to me, honestly, with a baby that’s kinda the last thing that it was. We had so much fun but guys, WOAH, this was in no way my pre-mama, tanning beach trip.

I’m gonna share a few tips that really helped us out!! Because honestly by like, the last day we were pros!! I would definitely do it again and it was such a special experience to see Penelope witness the ocean for the first time.


So, they sell really awesome beach tents for this purpose but there was no way my baby-monster will stay contained in something like that. I could imagine zipping her up and her toppling it over immediately. We have a fairly light weight playpen and decided to just fold it up and bring it down with us each day. It was the perfect sand-free zone and Penelope is familiar with it. We could give her snacks and keep her pacifiers in there without worrying about them getting sandy. Penny definitely wasn’t feeling the sand in the beginning so she honestly spent most of her time in here.


I don’t know about your baby, but mine gets hangry. The first day we forgot snacks and that coupled with her not knowing what was going on and the scary ocean sounds made distracting her like, impossible. When Penelope gets her snacks all is good in the world. We used gold fish, yogurt, and crackers which were all easy and could tide her over until we went to lunch.

Boogie boards

Not for actual boogying. Luckily, my little brothers were with us so we had an abundance of boogie boards. And truly, any flat surface to keep your baby off the sand would work, we just used what was around us. When Penelope wasn’t in her playpen she wasn’t ready to just sit down in the sand and get covered. I mean who would? I’ve seen babies who love sand to the point where you have to keep them from shoveling handfuls into their mouths, but my baby isn’t one of them. This was a great way to let her look around and sit closer to the ocean without getting sandy.

Baby powder

Speaking of sand, baby powder is your best friend. Like not even just for the baby. By the end of the trip my whole family was borrowing our bottle. This trick is something I saw on Pinterest and I packed it last minute not really knowing if it would work. It does. You literally just sprinkle the powder wherever you have sand and dust it all off. It takes the grit away from the sand so it isn’t scratchy when you’re cleaning your baby. Or yourself. Or your beach bag. Or the playpen your brought. It is amazing trick.


I mean of course, but you really want something that’s gentle and safe for baby skin. We used Babyganics and I loved it and will continue to buy it for Penny. It has a special nourishing oil in it too so that even after the sun, her skin felt super moisturized. We also used the face stick, which comes in a tube like deodorant and is easy to swipe on quickly and is waterproof. This isn’t sponsored or anything I just truly love this brand and trust it.  Below you can see the white face of sunscreen that this girl rocked everyday.

Rash guards

I remember when I was a naive, young person without kids and I would see these babies totally covered at the beach and be like, “omg when I have a baby, I will totally dress them in only cute, fashionable swimsuits”. And while the swimsuits are REALLY cute, I am now way more worried about my baby’s safety and comfort level. That sun is strong down in the gulf! And the water and sand magnifies it. During the hottest part of the days, we always had Penny in a rash guard. I was able to relax when she was playing by the water and she never even got close to a sunburn. Later in the afternoon, when the sun wasn’t so strong we were able to bring her out in her cutie swimsuits, so it was a win-win. I linked some of our faves below, including the cutest mermaid one 🙌.

Mermaid rash guard
Pineapple rash guard


So those are my top tips for bringing your baby to the beach. We had so much fun, but there truly was some planning involved!! I hope that Penelope can look back on these pictures and see how much love and excitement we all felt during her first ocean experience 🌊.

What are your mama beach tips?? Did I miss anything?

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