Well, the time has come that I am able to share a dream of mine that is falling into place. I am working towards opening up a shop in my neighborhood’s downtown area. I am so excited! And nervous!!! This task ahead seems so very daunting and I have so many questions and fears that are making me second guess my decision. However, I believe that things happen for a reason and this opportunity has been placed before me because it is something that will help me grow and contribute to my family. 

My husband and I are lucky enough to just have celebrated a year living in a home in our dream neighborhood of McKinney, Texas. We live half a mile from the historic downtown square and we frequently walk as a family to eat and shop. The square has so much character and history and I have loved visiting here for years.
The dream of opening a shop began a year ago when I realized how many beautiful resources I have available at our ranch. I have been upcycling materials and working on projects for so long and I realized that other people may also want to decorate their homes with some of these items. As sometimes things do, a space has become available just in time for all these ideas and dreams to fall into place. It is a beautiful building built in 1900 that was once part of the old bank that is still on the square, before the dividing wall was built. There is so much character that has been kept exposed, as well as some that I assume might be covered up. 

(You can see my near the windows gazing into space as I imagine what I’m going to do with this beautiful space). 

I am so excited to share this journey with you. I am planning to be completely transparent about all of this, considering I have no experience running a business and I will make mistakes along the way. Hopefully you can learn with me and offer any suggestions you may have along the way!! 

If you have business experience, what advice would you give a first time business owner?? 

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